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Private School

| February 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

                                                        Iqra Model School

Iqra Model School (1994).This is an educational institution. In this school boys and girls are being educated in Quran as well as in modern scientific fields. This School has produced hundred of Hafiz(Quran-Canners) in both the genres. School importuning free education to deserving students. At least 600 students are quenching their thirst of knowledge from this school. This school has produce 1500 Quran learners.

Private  School of Bhera City

  1. AL-Aziz Foundation School Bhera
  2. AL-Qamar Pen School Bhera
  3. AL-Riaz School Bhera
  4. Awais Academy Bhera
  5. Bilal Model School Bhera
  6. Bugvia Maryland High School Bhera
  7. Commander Public School Bhera
  8. Dar-E-Arqam School Bhera
  9. Dr. Rasheed Memorial School Bhera
  10. Eric Base School Bhera
  11. Ideal Public School Bhera
  12. Iqbal Public Kindergarten School Bhera
  13. Iqbal Public School Bhera
  14. Iqra School Bhera
  15. Mehta School Bhera
  16. Punjab Grammer School Bhera
  17. Qiadat School Bhera Campus
  18. Qiadat School City Campus
  19. Rasheed Memorial High School Bhera
  20. Raza Education Home Bhera
  21. Science Academy High School Bhera
  22. The Educator School Bhera Campus
  23. The Muslim Educator School Bhera
  24. Comprehensive Science School Bhera
  25. Quaid-e-Azam Cadet Model School Bhera
  26. Al Hayat Public Elementary School Chargah Bhera
  27. Fatima Jinnah Public School Bhera
  28. Al Noor Public School Bhera
  29. (School detail information posted very soon) …..


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  1. shaheer sajid says:

    Salam.main b bhera k hi hoon .mujhy bhera k baaray main knowledge chiye tha ..main ustaad saleem bhatti saab ki family sy hoon .so ,plz mujhy un ki history chiye jo bhera k saath link ho .unhoon n 40 years teaching ki ha tu bhera waloon ko bhera ki history main un k naam b shamil krna vhiye …..thanks

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