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Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation

| March 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

Organization for Disadvantaged Persons

(Especially for Women)

Nahida Mehboob Elahi (Late)


The name of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation has been given to the name of that personality who put all her life to help the deprived sections of the sandy and who always a voice for the human rights. She always kept herself busy for the people who faced injustice. She worked day and night for various sections of the people particularly women, children, prisoners, students, labors, advocates and journalists in the country, cities, rural areas and abroad without any discrimination of color and creed. She was associated with the profession of law and she was the first lady of Pakistan, who was appointed as Deputy Attorney General Supreme Court of Pakistan. Her expertise was engaged in various organizations.

  1. Chairperson Managing Committee Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, Crisis Centre,Islamabad.
  2. Chairperson Anjum-e-Huqooq MehroomeenPakistan.
  3. Chairperson Human Rights Committee,Punjab Bar Council.
  4. President Punjab Women Lawyers Association.
  5. Vice President SAARC, Lawyers,Islamabad.
  6. Vice PresidentPakistan Women Lawyers Association.
  7. General Secretary Human Rights Society ofPakistan.
  8. Member Syndicate,FatimaJinnahUniversity,Rawalpindi.
  9. Member International Bar Association.
  10. Member Punjab Bar Council.
  11. Member Executive Committee, Lions Club,Rawalpindi.
  12. Member Jail Reforms Committee.
  13. Trustee Zahida Parveen Welfare Trust.


Her aim of life has always been to help sad and un-supported people and to comfort suffering people. She prepared a team of ladies and men during her struggle, who always worked for the implementation of her thinking; this gracious personality expired on 17th February 2010 due to a disease of brain tumor and was buried in her ancestral Bhera District Sargodha in the graveyard Khawajgan. After her death the colleagues devoted their lives for humanity and created a spirit for that work. After her death the people in whom she created a spirit of doing work for the suffering humanity decided to keep continued the mission of the Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate and to keep the candle as far as possible lighted. Her colleagues, advocates and her junior advocates are keeping her mission continued in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Bhera, Karachi and Lahore. Welfare organizations are also busy with the work in big cities. Therefore, it has been decided that this movement should be started from rural areas from her ancestral Bhera City.

In this connection, Press Club Bhera, King Cabel Network Bhera under the supervision of Khawaja Kamran Naseem, Print/Electronic Media and other Organizations of Civil Society have assured of their full cooperation and struggle which is still in full progress. After deciding and finalizing counseling her colleagues and her husband Khawaja Zahid Naseem Advocate decided to establish Memorial Foundation to pay regards to that great lady.

On 9th November 2010 her team laid foundation stone of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Free Legal Aid, Awareness and Welfare Centre Bhera at Ganj Mandi Bhera District Sargodha inaugurated by Zamurad Khan Chairman Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan.

Awards Distribution to Outstanding Female Students on 53rd Birthday of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate i.e. 4th January 2011:

On 4th January 2011 the day of the birth of the Great Lady was celebrated to memorize the day and to make it purposeful the program was arranged with the thinking to provide awareness and importance of education of the girls of this area.

To promote the female education Nahida Mehboob Elahi Awards were given in the ceremony to 5 girls’ students, who achieved outstanding performance in their education career. These students held position in all universities and educational boards.

Educational Activity:

  1. Tayyaba Batool Top position in L.L.B from Punjab University Lahore.
  2. Sana Akhtar Ansari 3rd position in F.Sc from BISE Sargodha. (Now she is student of M.B.B.S.)
  3. Iram Shehzadi 3rd position in F.Sc from BISE  Sargodha. (Now she is student of M.B.B.S.)
  4. Nazia Umar 3rd position in F.A from BISE Sargodha.
  5. Fatima Noor 1005 marks out of 1050 in Matric Science from BISE Sargodha.

Social Activity:

One award was also given to lady singer.

Ghulam Fatima Hajan renowned Folk Lady Singer from Bhera City.

Gifts were also given to students of 17 primary schools for getting positions in their class so as to create interest in getting education, this function created interest in the girl students for education. Members of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation are also humbly thankful to the Tehreek-e-Mohibban-e-Bhera for organizing condolence reference in the memory of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate because Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate was the member of District Bar Rawalpindi and she was also elected member of Punjab Bar Council from Rawalpindi Division constituency so to pay homage to Nahida Mehboob Elahi,Advocate Syed Zulifiqar Abbas Naqvi President High Court Bar Association Rawalpindi Bench, Mrs. Raila Saboohi Vice President High Court Bar Association Rawalpindi Bench, Ahsan Hameed Lillah General Secretary High Court Bar Association Rawalpindi Bench, Malik Waheed Anjum President District Bar Rawalpindi, Wajid Hussain Gillani President District Bar Islamabad, Zafar Mehmood Fazal Member Punjab Bar Council, Shafqat Ali Bhatti Member Punjab Bar Council, Mujeeb Ur Rehman Kiyani Member Punjab Council, Mustafa Kundwal Member Punjab Bar Council, Mrs. Sarkar Abbas Member National Public Safety Commission and large number of Lawyers from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Attock, Bhalwal and people from different walks of life attended this ceremony. This institution is determined to work in such a way that each and every section of the society should benefit from it and they should know their rights and duties, awareness regarding education and to get education from different institutions, health, justice etc., which should be available to them without any discrimination of color & creed human being should have sympathies to each other and they should work for the idea of welfare and should have the feeling of others problems.

Provision of Free Legal Aid to Deserving Persons (Especially Women):

The foundation is providing free legal aid through a team of advocates who use to sit daily in the office of the foundation to resolve the problems of the people and solve them and also give them Legal advice and guidance. Over this all it gets difficult to get justice for the women because they seldom share their problems with others, further they are not able to afford legal expenditures. Foundation team of lawyers registers their cases in the courts out which many cases have been settled and several others are still under process. This legal aid is provided free of cost. The service provided to women has increased to make them realize that efforts are being made to solve their problems.

Distribution of Sewing Machines and Establishment of Community Centers with the Support of Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan:

Firstly with the help of Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan Foundation distributed a considerable numbers of Sewing Machines to the deserving widows so they can earn their livelihood and in addition to Foundation established 6 Female Community Centers giving by them Sewing Machines so the girls should learn sewing, embroidery and share their ideas and problems to each other.

Distribution of Wheel Chairs to Special Persons with the Support of Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan:

Foundation is very considerate to the special persons and in this connection Foundation handed over wheel chairs to almost all the male and female disables of the area with the support of Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan and to include them in the main stream of life a rally of the special persons with the members of the civil society have been organized on the Independence day i.e. 14th August 2011 with the aim of Independence and against the terrorism activities, Eid Millan Party was also arranged with the special persons to share happiness’s and joys with each other.

Provision of Wheel Chairs, Stretchers and other Medical Equipment to Rural Health Center Bhera with the Support of Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan and Abbot Laboratories Karachi:

Wheel chairs, stretchers and other medical equipment are given to the Rural Health Center Bhera to provide better facilities with the help of Bait-Ul-Mal Pakistan and Abbot Laboratories Karachi to the injured and other patients.

A Seminar on Dengue Virus Awareness Compaign in Rural Health Center Bhera:

In Awareness Programs a seminar was held under supervision of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation Bhera Chapter at Rural Health Center Bhera in the month of September 2011 for precautions and treatment of the Dengue Virus. Dr. Sikandar Hayat President PMA Sargodha, Dr. Fawad Hassan Director National Program LHW Sargodha, Naeem Akhtar Khan President Electronic Media Sargodha, Dr. Muhammad Aslam Medical Officer RHC Bhera, Dr. Amjad Latif Medical Officer RHC Bhera, Sahibzada Ibrar Ahmad Bugvi (Religious Scholar) and Khawaja Zahid Naseem Advocate Chairman Foundation made speeches about the topic, they further said Government and Civil Society will have to work together courageously, sincerely to get rid of natural disasters and to defeat the Dengue Virus. Representatives of every class, teachers, advocates, journalists, political and religious representatives, students and a large number of lady health visitors attended the seminar.

Survey Programs Initiated By the Foundation:

In the months of August to October 2011 two Survey & Awareness Programs were initiated by the Foundation under the supervision of Muhammad Bilal Student of M.Sc Sociology University of Sargodha, Muhammad Imran Qasim (Community Service Volunteer) and Khawaja Zahid Naseem Advocate Chairman Foundation in the context of:

1. Anti Smoking Compaign in Chak Mubarik.

2. Significance of Drinking Clean Water in Bhera City.

In this regard approximately 200 persons were interviewed, briefed about the above said and finally formulated the report which was widely published and sent to the concerned authority. Despite of all these Foundation always tries to aware the population about gender discrimination, mother baby care, violence against women, child rights, human rights etc in different meetings with the collaboration of other local organizations.

Distribution of Library Books to Different Educational Institutions Donated By The Asia Foundation:

Distribution of Library books in Education Sector organized by Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation in coordination with The Asia Foundation in Government Degree College Bhera on 3rd November 2011. In this ceremony, Director Colleges Sargodha Division addressed and he said Million Rupees is being expensed for Promotion of Education, for Development of mental and physical growth of students. Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation distributed Science Subjects Books in 23 Colleges and Schools in Bhera Chapter. Addressing Ceremony of gratitude, Principal Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Bhera Safia Begum Awan, A.E.O Madaris (Female) Gul Naz Akhtar Chaudhry, Principal of Govt. Degree College Bhera Professor Iqbal Ahmad Malik, A.E.O (Male) Shabbir Hussain Shah, Head Master Govt. High School Bhera Muhammad Akbar Lali, Head Master Govt. Anjuman Islamia Model High School Bhera Khawaja Muneer Ahmad, Head Master Govt. Islamia High School Bhera Muhammad Iqbal, Head Master Govt. Elementary School Bhera Khan Zaman Khan, Former Chairman Baldia Bhera Chaudhry Khaleel-ur-Rehman Gondal Advocate and Khawaja Zahid Naseem Advocate Chairman Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation.

Awards and Books Distribution Ceremony on the 54th Birthday of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate i.e. 4th January 2012:

On the Occasion of 54th Birthday of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate (Late) for the encouragement of female sector and acknowledging the potential of female sector, making this function purposeful 6 female having outstanding career in their life. (Five in Education Sector and One in Social Activity Sector) were awarded Nahida Mehboob Elahi Achievement Award whose names are as below:

Educational Sector:

1. Dr. Kalsoom Akhtar

2. Sajida Feroze

3. Javeria Nazeer

4. Kiran Aslam

5. Rubina Anwar

Above all five achieved excellent educational career/record in their life.

Social Activity:

  1. Zobia Rubab Malik MPA (Punjab) is awarded Nahida Mehboob Elahi Achievement Award due to presenting resolution in Punjab Assembly for Upgrading Bhera from Sub-Tehsil to Tehsil which was unanimously approved and other social activities.

Merit Certificates:

Sanober Zaib, Muhammad Imran Qasim and Muhammad Bilal are awarded Merit Certificates by the Foundation on their commitment and participation in Humanity Work in their respective assignments.

In this function approx. 50 Educational Institutions and Tehsil Bar Bhalwal were given Library Books with the Collaboration of The Asia Foundation, this function was presided by the Ex. Law Minister, Eminent Jurist, Human Rights Activist, Senator S.M. Zafar and attended by large number of female Educationists, female Lawyers, male Lawyers including Hafiz S.A Rehman Ex. Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan, Niaz Ahmad Rathore Ex. Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan, Chaudhry Muhammad Hayat Gondal President Tehsil Bar Bhalwal, Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal Marhar General Secretary Tehsil Bar Bhalwal, Journalists under the supervision of Shaheen Farooqi Chairman Press Club Bhera, Khaleel Tahir Gondal Advocate Ex. Chairman Munciple Committee Bhera, King Cabel Network Bhera and the members of Civil Society including Managing Director Poda. From the Civil Society Fazal Raheem Khan Sherwani Ex. Councilor, Mirza Orangzaib Advocate, Haji Muhammad Azeem, Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal M.A, Haji Zafar Iqbal Balouch and Imran Bhatti.

Free Eye Camp with the Collaboration of AL-Shifa Eye Trust Rawalpindi & W.H.O in Civil Dispensary Bhera:

On the 2nd Death Anniversary of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate 17th February 2012 Foundation organized One Day Free Eye Camp with the collaboration of AL-Shifa Eye Trust Rawalpindi and W.H.O in Civil Dispensary Bhera in which a large number of eye patients were examined, medicines and spectacles were given to the needy persons and some of the eye patients were advised for operation which will be done free of cost.

Future Programs & Plans:

Finally according to Khawaja Zahid Naseem Advocate Chairman Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation in near future books will be distribute to the female educational institutions of the area with the collaboration of The Asia Foundation, as the members of the Foundation feel that society cannot be harmonious, peaceful and progressive unless the education rate may not be increased in women sector and to include female sector in the main stream of society and to participate joy and happiness’s of the life Family Festival will be organized in Bhera. Moreover society in the long run wants to establish “An Old Age Home” for the senior citizens, “Water Purification Plant” and to start Programs for rehabilitation of drug addicts, Mother Baby Care Programs, Micro Financing Programs and Enhancement the quality of basic education especially in female sector and also to aware the population about their legal rights and establish Legal Aid Centers etc.

Foundation is doing their job sincerely and the impact of their work is visible in the deprived segment of the society. God Bless them.

Nahida Mehboob Elahi Memorial Free Medical Camp on 6th May 2012 at Civil Dispensary Bhera District Sargodha organized by Lions Club Rwp/Isb with the collaboration

This camp was organized in the memory of great services rendered by Lion Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate (Late) for humanity being member of Lions Club and other organizations.

In this camp approximately 3000 patients of different diseases i.e. Eye, Gynee, Hepatitis, Children, Dental and Medical were examined and checked up by the Doctors of their specialty. Members of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation, Lions Club, AL-Shifa Eye Trust and staff of the Civil Dispensary Bhera were very helpful to deserving patients in their checkups.

To diagnose the symptoms of disease of Hepatitis approximately 300 patients were clinically tested in laboratory and after that their reports were given to relevant persons. Blood test was taken of the large number of persons for the purpose of “Sugar Test”.

Approximately 70 members of the Lions Club including Doctors, Lady Doctors, Social Workers, 20 members of the AL-Shifa Eye Trust and 30 members of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation participated in this camp, all the arrangements in Bhera to facilitate the outsiders/guests/Doctors/Paramedical staff/patients were satisfactorily done by the Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation Bhera Chapter.

Medicines prescribed by the Doctors to the patients for their respective ailments were given free of cost. Spectacles of their concerned numbers were also given free of cost to the needy Eye patients according to the Doctor advice. The Eye patients who require surgical treatment were taken by the staff of AL-Shifa Eye Trust in their hospital coach to the AL-Shifa Hospital Rawalpindi and their surgeries will be done free of cost.

Members of the Lions Club Rwp/Isb Dr. Zubair Hassan, Iftikhar Ahmad, Sitara Satwat, Matloob Piracha, Khola Kanwal, Shabana, Dr. Masood Ghani, Dr. Idrees Akbar, Hassan Sarfrosh, Jameel Asghar, Maria Tabassum, Mujtaba Hashmi, Zafar Hashmi, Jahangir Iqbal were present in the camp along with other members.

Haider Khawar (CSV) member of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation Karachi Chapter especially came from Karachi for this camp and participated actively for the help of patients.

Huge number of women came to the camp for their checkups which shows the trust of this section of society on Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation. Members of the all walks of society participated in the Nahida Mehboob Elahi Memorial Free Medical Camp and appreciated the work and spirit of the organizers of this camp.

At the end Khawaja Zahid Nasim Chairman Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation thanked all those persons who helped, facilitated in organizing the camp, mobilizing and helping the patients especially Lions Club Rwp/Isb, AL-Shifa Eye Trust, Dr. Ehsan Elahi Medical Officer and staff of the Civil Dispensary Bhera, Dr. Amjad Latif Medical Officer RHC Bhera, Chaudhry Khalil Tahir Gondal Ex. Chairman Municipal Committee Bhera, Advocates, Press Club Bhera, all correspondents of different newspapers, T.V. Channels and King Cabel Network Bhera and ensured if the God gave us strength we will continue the mission of Nahida Mehboob Elahi Advocate (Late).

3 Days Meeting Program with Deaf and Dumb Persons organized by 22nd July to 24th July 20Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation Bhera

Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation from the day of its beginning worked for gender, health, education, legal aid but never forgot special persons and always tried to minimize the agonies of them and also made sure that disable persons may join the main stream activities. At this time NMEF focused on deaf and dumb persons in this area, problems, liking, disliking and demands etc. So in this context more than dozen deaf and dumb persons along with the members of NMEF and members of the civil society gathered in the local office of NMEF at Bhera for three days. All the participants of this meeting became conscious about this segment of the society and all the special persons were very much enthusiastic throughout these meetings and communicating with each other participants and also feeling elevated.

Members of  Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation and all of the worker of Civil society Bhera Participated through out the meeting.

At the end Khawaja Zahid Naseem Chairman Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation thanked all the deaf and dumb persons and other participants and also special acknowledgment to Sheikh Zahid Mumtaz whose full support made this program possible, requesting the society and government institutions to consider about these special persons so they may also enjoy and facilitate themselves the facilities of other normal persons establishing educational, vocational and recreational institutions for these persons.

In the last Ramzan/Eid Gifts were given to the all deaf and dumb participants and prayed for the prosperity, solidarity of the Pakistan.

More activity soon come>>>>>>>>>>

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    thank you for giving us the information about nahida mahboob ellahi foundation because unless the positive movements like above said does not active in the society progress and peace cannot be has done tremendous job specially in female, education, health, special persons, legal aid and awareness sectors.god bless you and foundation

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