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Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar mean of cluster of  helpers. it also mean the group of such pious and kind persons who serve the religion of Islam and as well as serve the poor and needy peoples selflessly. Its was establish in 1928 by Mulana Zahoor Ahmad Bugvi (May God bless his soul)since that time Majalis has been serving the the deserve persons.

The mumber of Majalis always remain busy in the reformation of society and the facilitation of poor peoples. They never lose a single chance  of the help the needy peoples.


Caliphate Movement was the first united, peaceful and militiamen struggle of the Muslims of sub-continent. Caliphate Movement was supported by the all communities of India. Beside this the religions scholars and political leaders started their humble efforts to educate the Muslim community. They assembled the Muslim community on one platform. They also reformed the Muslims of the sub-continents. They woke the slumber nation up with their religious and political activates. In  Sargodha Distt. Mulana Zahoor Ahmad Bugvi (May God bless his soul) was made the general secretary of Caliphate Movement. He was a prominent and active member of the Caliphate Movement.For this purpose he establish “Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar” on the 05th November 1929. and Jamadiual Awal 1348 A.H.

Main Objects of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar

(1)   To popularize the contemporary –Modern education and Islamic education.

(2)   To treat the patients and hygiene.

(3)   To help the deserving peoples financially.

(4)   To make the deserving persons self employed with the education and handicraft.

Different Department of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar

There are the different departments under the supervision of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar

These are below:-

Free Medical Dispensary

A free dispensary is running under the supervision of qualified Doctor ,At least 100 patients are treated daily by Doctor .The patients are treated free. patients given free medicine.

Treatment of TB Patients

This id separate department which is running successfully under the supervision of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar. In this department only the patients who are suffering from TB. disease are cured. Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar has firm determination to wipe this TB. Disease out from the society .At present time 100 TB Patients are being treated under the supervision of a qualified Doctor. In the TB patients are cured freely .They are given free medicines.

Annual Free Eye Camp

Free Eye camp another quality of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar. The Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar makes arrangements to conduct one or two eye camps within a year. This programmes is very famous not only in Bheracity but also in surrounding areas. In this camp the patients who are in suffered in different eye disease are cured.

Famous oculists of Pakistan attended the eye camp. They cured the eye patients. These oculists have operated the thousand of the eye patients successfully. The operated patients  are give free residence, free meals, free optic and free medicines. since now 45925 Eye patients (Male & Female) have cured successfully and 4750 Eye patients have operated.

Shams-ul-Islam (Islamic Journal)

This journal was published first time in 1925 A.D. in regard or in the name of Hazart Khawaja Shams-u-Din Sialvi (May God be Pleased with him)who was founder of “Asstana Sail Shrif “.This journal still in progress .Islamic teaching are thought through this journal. This Journal is totally free from prejudice and narrow mindedness.

Metha Middle School(1996)

Metha Middle School is running under the supervision of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar. This institution totally free of cost for deserving boys and girls. Providing free books, Uniforms and copies are given to students.

Handicraft Center

A successful handicraft center is running under supervision of Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar.

The main object of this center is to make girls of poor self employed. There are different branches of the center Embroidery, Stitching, Knitting and printing. Qualified stage of handicraft center is employed on merit by Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar. The salaries are given by Majalis-e-Hizbul Ansar. All the type of handicraft education is totally free.

Sewing machine and the other accessories are given free of cost to deserving learners.


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