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(Latest website of Bhera City)

Introduction was launched in January 2012. This is a latest, comprehensive, informative and disciplined website of Bhera City because this is developed using latest styles, themes, contents and color schemes moreover informative data is included in this website.

Past, Present and Future aspects of Bhera are focused in Bhera City website. Categories namely: History, Education, Bhera, Movements, Mosques, Govt. Departments, Bhera as Tehsil, Poetry, Child of the Month, Talent of Bhera, News/Updates, Bhera, Famous Products, Sub Cities, Contact Us and Guest Book are included in Bhera City website.

Each category has its separate Tab and each Tab has its separate Page. Detail of each category is given below:


History of Bhera City is saved in this category. Articles written on history of Bhera are included in this category.

For example: “Bhera Funoon-o-Dast Kariyon Ka Shehr” by Prof. Muhammad Yousaf, “Bhera Tareekh K Aaina Mein” by Headmaster Ali Hassan.


Government and Private Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges, University) of Bhera along with their names and pictures are included in this category.


Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) of Bhera along with their introductions, missions, activities and performance are included in this category.

Tehreek-e-Mohibban-e-Bhera, Majlis-e-Hizbul Ansaar Bhera and Nahida Mehboob Elahi Foundation are included in this category.


Historical, Famous mosques of Bhera along with their historical importance, background and pictures are included in this category.

Govt. Departments:

Government Department of Bhera along with their names, addresses and contact numbers are included in this category.

Bhera as Tehsil:

Notification for upgradation of Bhera as Tehsil of Sargodha District issued on 17th July 2012 is included in this category.


Profiles of Poets of Bhera are made and poetry from their books is published in this category.

Child of the Month:

Picture of a child from Bhera is included in this category.

Talent of Bhera:

Talented personality of Bhera is viewed as a Talent of Bhera in this category.


Latest news of Bhera and updates in Bhera City website are updates in this channel.


Names of Hakeems of Bhera are saved in this category.


Famous products of Bhera are listed in this category.

Sub Cities:

Names of cities located in the boundary of Tehsil Bhera are included this category.

Guest Book & Contact Us:

Guest Book & Contact Us options are available to get suggestions for the improvement of Bhera City website; visitors can submit their comments, suggestions and feedbacks easily with these options. They can also email at:

Written by: Muhammad Imran Qasim


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