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History of Bhera

| October 1, 2014



Bhera is an ancient city in every sense of the world .it is an important local center and retain the name of an ancient territory “Bheda”. The Chinese tourist fahiar passed through the city 450 BC. and the found it cradle of learning.

Alexander the grate defeated Raja Pours in 235BC. Near Bhera Sultan Muhamnad Ghaznavi (937~1030),Feroz Shah Tughlaq (1389),Amir Tamoor (1399)Zaheer ud din Babar (1530)Akbar the grate (1556~1605)and Shar Shah Shori (1540~1545).

Sikh Raj (1790~1849) the British rules Bhera till independence in 1947.

All th kings and Emperor passed through this city and left their marks in Bhera.


The old Bhera city still exist near Ahmedabad villages in Jhelum district on right bank of the river.


The New Bhera city was founded in 1540AD by Shar Shah Shori .its was the best place for him to keep a watch on Gathers & other rebellions.


Bhera was suited on the right bank of river Bahat (meaning fertility) now Jhelum .Shar Shah Shori (1540~1545) shifted on the left bank of Jhelum river builtnew cityfor security  and defense.

New Bhera city was built in a fortress surrounded by a 22’-0”ft thick wall in 08 Gates. names of the gates present big city of this area like Multan, Lahore, Chiniot, Their name  are Kabuil gate, Kashmiri gate, Lahori gate, Haji Gulab gate, Piran wala gate ,they were reconstructed by Caption Dawis in British rule during (1861~1865)..

City divide into Mohallas


very foams are these  Sawhnianwala ,Saithianwala, Ghayyan wala ,Chhantanwala, Loharan wala,Shish Mahal, Thahiaran wala Sheikha wala,

Every mohallas was enclosed like a fortress with only on gate.



Bhera alwayas has been a cradle of Muslim and Hindu culture. After the arrival of Muslims their be come of blend of Islamic and Hindu festivals .like Muhram ,Eid, by Muslims and Dewali by Hindu.


Bhera is famous for wooden combs, sword, knives, Handicrafts of cutlery.Bhera is very famous in wood door art also.



Dhoti ,Pajama ,Shalwar, Kameez, Saree and after British rule frock, pant coats were in use. Dhoti ,Pajama ,Shalwar, Kameez generally use but  Saree use in marriage event.



Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Fish, Milk fresh and boiling

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