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Hazrat Meeran Shah Bhera

| October 24, 2014


Syed Meeran Sahib Darbar,Bhera         bhera2

Hazrat Meeran Shah was born in Bejapur, his real name was Syed Ahmad. His parents went to Dehli during his childhood. He got primary education in Dehli and he got expertise in Quran, Hadith, Fiqah, Arabic, Persian and Grammar at the age of twenty. He was appointed as Judge during the reign of King Jahangir but when Jahangir enforced verential prostration, he co-operated with Mujadid Alif  Sani and went to Dehli after resigning his designation.

After this he travelled the entire world in which he continued the chain/series of Education, Preach, Speech and Writing. Hazrat Meeran Shah resided at the institution of Khawaja Moin-ud-Deen Chishti Ajmeri for a period after this he set out for Baghdad and he stayed at the shrine of Piraan-e-Pir Hazrat Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani continuously twenty one years for “Chilla Kushi”. The grandfather of Khawaja Qamar-ud-Deen Sialvi (Pir Sial Family) Hafiz Muhammad Sharif Sialvi was the follower of Hazrat Meeran Shah and Hazrat Pir Ali Shah Golra Sharif of this Sialvi Family got honor as his follower.

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