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Dar ul Aloom Azizia Bhera

| February 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

Dar-ul-Aloom aziza

Shaibzada Abar Ahmad Bugvi

    Recent in-charge of Dar-ul-Aloom aziza

It is establish by Qazi Allama Ahmad Din Bugvi in 1923.But Molana Zahoor Ahamad Bugvi (May God be Pleased with him) reformed and organized it in true manners.The Molana Iftikhar Ahmad Bugvi (May God be Pleased with him) transformed it according to new demands. In other word he introduced modern Bhera as well as Islamic education. During his period he made construction of “Dar-ul-Qama”.Dar-ul-Aloom Aziza has produced thousands of Quran (Hafiz),moderate thinkers high rank scholars, thought provoking religious leaders and the best writers.

There is no doubt “Dars-e-Nazami”is basic curriculum of education but modern education of science and computer is also taught to students up till at graduation level. Thousands of the students from the all parts of the country have quenched their thirst of knowledge of Quran ,Hadis,Fiqa,Science,and computer from this Dar-ul-Aloom Aziza.The main quality of this institution that it has never produced the puritanical or pugnacious and prejudice students.

  1. The Bugvi scholars played a very important role in the teachings of the Qurran and Hadith and religious branches of knowledge in the Punjab. The Curricula is based upon all the modern knowledge along with religious teachings. Research Library is available for the inquisite students to research in the fields of learnings and Islam. It has the following departments:
    1. Dars-i-Nizami
    2. Hifz and Nazira Education of Quran
    3. Fazil e Arabi
    4. Computer education
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  1. Bugvi says:

    Aap ka shukria ke bhera ke barey main eik kamyab koshish ki hey abhi bhot study ur reserch ke lia aap ko matrials ki zaroot hey merey khaial main tamam pehloon pr maalomat jama kerney kelia aik study tour karian . aap ki es efort ki dad deyna hr bhervi ka farz hey aik bar pr shukria wel done enshallah aap ko bhera se mutaliq material ersal karon gha Wassalam

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