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Kasupur Dulhar

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Kasupur Dulhar is 7 Km in west from Bhera Interchange on Bhera Jhaweriyan Road.

It have Kohlian in west, Turtipur in South, Sheikh Da lok in East.

Kasupur Dulhar have also a sub village which is Called “Ahli”.



Main caste in villages are Gondal (Dulhar), Sial, Chohan, and Noul. People are of village engaged in agriculture.

Ch. Zafar Iqbal Gondal (Dulhar) is political worker of village of PML N. Haji Imam din Sial and Mohri Gondal are two numberdar of village.

Ch. Amjad Iqbal Gondal is chairman of ushar Zakat Committie of Kasupur Dulhar, Kohlian, Nabi Shah Khurad.


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                                                           Contribution of: Ch. Amjad Iqbal Gondal

Honorable AC Tehsil Bhera

YEAR 2014

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